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It is an electronic medium to promote you business products and services over the internet.

These days many of business shown interest on digital marketing because its an easy way to reach potential audience.

All of us want to get good reach to people and survive better in the market right? How this happens, let’s go through points to be considered.

The following ways to get higher value:

Good content

Post image or video with high quality subject on social media to get engage with the audience.

Types of digital marketing :-

Email Marketing

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Content Marketing



Pay per click

Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing.

Above all are very essential for every marketer should know it.

Must know all the marketing Fundamentals and need to specialized at one particular one.

It shows that you are an expert at particular are, however it gives an authority to speak on that flawless.

Social Media Marketing:

There are billions of people using social media and any company can reach out to the people and create awareness about the brand image.

Email Marketing:

Its a best method to build a relation through email and keep engage them with your marketing tips.

Firstly you need to build an email list then start building trust with the audience.

Trust is the most important factor, it cannot be created overnight but it is not hard to keep move on then trust will be built over a period of time.

Google Ads:

80% of the market share is being occupied by google chrome search engine. It is best medium to promote the ads here.

Types of Ads:

Search ads , Display Ads, Video Ads , Shopping Ads.

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